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The staffing industry is on track to generate a projected $137 billion in North America alone in 2014. Express Employment Professionals is a growing franchise with nearly 700 locations and more than 30 years of experience. Our start-up offices average more than $700,000 in sales in their first year, with mature offices averaging $5.16 million annually.* As an Express franchise owner, you control your life with flexible weekday hours in a professional business.

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Charity Entry by Sheena Karami

Supporting the communities in which we work, serve, and live is an important aspect of the Express Employment Professionals culture, one that sets us apart from the competition. As we continue on our long-term goal of putting a million people to work annually, Express International Headquarters and the Philanthropic Committee are committed to seeing lives changed through the local partnerships that franchisees have with charities and nonprofits.

The Impact Project is one way that Express Employment Professionals continues to make a difference by donating up to $25,000 to nonprofit organizations in communities where Express franchises are located. In 2017, the Express Philanthropic Committee surprised franchisees by awarding $70,000 to nine (9) outstanding applicants. The local franchisee was then able to surprise the nonprofit recipient with a large check announcing the financial support and recognition for their good work.

By highlighting these localized partnerships, Express International Headquarters not only recognizes the good work of our franchisees, but the impact-rich work of nonprofits that support the communities where our franchises exist. Civic engagement and participation is paramount to a healthy and productive community. By recognizing the collective efforts of local nonprofits, we empower our franchisees to continuing "paying it forward" and weaving themselves in the collective fabric of their community.

Impact Project Oklahoma City, OK
6 Volunteers $250000
Charity Entry by Sheena Karami

Mapping out a career path, finding job openings, then landing a quality job can be an overwhelming process. From our experience as experts in the employment and staffing industry, Express crafted Job Genius as an educational program designed to teach young adults how to successfully enter the workforce. From schools and associates who have filled out an online request form, Express has had more than 315 organizations access the Job Genius program. In addition, Job Genius videos garner an average of more than 1,400 views per month on YouTube. Fifty-eight percent of the people accessing Job Genius via our website are job seekers who are not currently working for Express, so the program truly serves as valuable resource to anyone entering the workforce. Top two videos on YouTube are focused on resume writing and creating a career path. Recognizing the importance of civic and community engagement, the goal of Express Employment Professionals in creating Job Genius was for local franchise offices to partner with local schools and organizations to make this educational video series available to the community, free of charge, through classroom training or one-day events. Through Job Genius, we want to empower each member of the next generation to make the education and career decisions that are best for them. With our changing workforce, this program explores all the options job seekers of all ages can utilize. Additionally, Job Genius contains a series of full lesson plans, offering a great benefit to educators that may otherwise not have the funding necessary to provide such programming to their students. Our ultimate goal is to have schools and organizations fully adopt this program into their curriculum, expanding its reach and assisting with future workforce development. Since the launch of Job Genius in August 2015 through April 2017, 2,752 inquiry forms have been submitted requesting access to the program. Beginning in late 2016, Express launched a beta test of the program, sending trained speakers out in the community to present Job Genius to schools and organizations that have requested it. As word spreads, additional requests for this presentation to be made by an Express speaker have been made, allowing us to further our reach. Local franchise offices have also adopted this test program, and now have staff members who present Job Genius in their local communities.

Job Genius Oklahoma City, OK
2 Volunteers 30 Hours
Charity Entry by Sheena Karami
Kid's Cup Oklahoma City, OK
Charity Entry by Kenny Reinbold 06/11/2016

For the fourth annual Brand It Blue Day, more than 235 Express Employment Professionals offices from California to North Carolina to Canada came together at local food banks and pantries across North America to help fight hunger. Offices spent time collecting donations from the community with the help of other local businesses. Then, more than 1,000 volunteers took time out of their day to serve with a nonprofit organization in their area. Through their efforts, Express provided more than 90,000 meals this year to those in need.

Various Food Banks and Food Pantries Across the United States and Canada
1063 Volunteers
Charity Entry by Sherry Kast
Brand It Blue Day Oklahoma City, OK
2500 Volunteers $300000 8000 Hours
Charity Entry by Kenny Reinbold 06/13/2015

More than 225 Express Employment Professionals offices and 800 volunteers from California to North Carolina to Canada came together at local food banks and pantries across North America to help fight hunger for the third annual Brand It Blue Day. Volunteers spent time working and serving at their local food banks, pantries, and other non-profit organizations and were able to donate more than 65,000 meals through food drives that were held leading up to the day of service. “Brand It Blue Day allowed the entire Express family to come together to help the communities we work and live in,” said Bob Funk, CEO and chairman of the board for Express. “As Express continues our mission to put a million people to work, we’re excited to continue volunteering and serving people in need.” In the past three years, Express offices have donated more than 156,000 meals to non-profit organizations across North America through their efforts for Brand It Blue Day.

Various Food Banks and Food Pantries All Across the Country
800 Volunteers 2400 Hours

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