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InXpress is a business opportunity with extremely low entry costs, very little overhead, and the ability to create an incredible leveraged residual income! This is your vehicle to financial independence and ultimate freedom. You can create an amazing income and ultimate wealth, achieving all your goals and dreams. The concept is simple: the franchisee sells the discounted shipping services to the customer, the carriers provide the pickup and delivery of the packages, the franchisor does the billing and collections, then the franchisee provides the local personalized customer service.

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Charity Entry by Yvette Atkin

2017 was a banner year for InXpress Gives Back. The entire organization worked to support the EYESeeMe Project in Southeast Asia, with each region providing additional support to local charities. In Thailand, 70 abandoned children were given the give of education by EYESeeMe. In Florida, the facilities of an assistance center for special needs children and adolescents were rebuilt. In Australia, the facilities of a wildlife rescue center were repaired and improved. In Vietnam, a facility for orphaned and disabled children was improved. In India, a group of underprivileged children received care and attention from the local InXpress team. In all, InXpress donated over $25,000 and nearly 500 manhours to improve the lives of others.

InXpress Gives Back South Jordan, UT
200 Volunteers $25000 500 Hours
Charity Entry by Yvette Atkin

InXpress America Franchisees partnered with Transition Services in Las Vegas, NV during the annual Global Franchise Convention. Transition Services is a non-profit organization who provide work opportunities for approximately 400 adults with disabilities.

InXpress goal when selecting a charity organization is finding an activity that our franchisees can work side by side and can see and feel the impact they made at the end of the day. It's about touching the lives of people who need additional support and taking the time to care and make a difference. And when the franchisees feel that fulfilment of giving back, they come away with a sense of pride.

InXpress Gives Back South Jordan, UT
63 Volunteers $6500 220.5 Hours
Charity Entry by Yvette Mignerey Atkin
InXpress Gives Back Sandy, UT
110 Volunteers $18383 1320 Hours
Charity Entry by Yvette Atkin 02/24/2016

As part of our mission, InXpress is committed to serving the community through education and outreach activities. InXpress Gives Back outreach program invites our family of franchisees, sales reps, customer service and corporate staff to see, learn and engage the community in service projects. InXpress' goal is to impact the community by doing service projects such as serving food to the homeless, building a BMX Track for a Sunshine Acres in Arizona, raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation, renovating the gardens of indigenous retirement villages and assisting with the protecting the natural heritage of the Ben Lomond Scenic Reserve with the Wakatipu Wilding Control Group.

St. Vincent de Paul Miami, FL
30 Volunteers

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9815 S. Monroe Street, Suite 306

Sandy, UT


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