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Jibu is a for-profit company that prioritizes impact-maximization. We integrate the resources and expertise of the private and public sector, incorporating best practices and new ideas from whomever is doing it best while, in turn, maintaining an open source environment where Jibu also shares ideas, successes and lessons learned. Our hybrid approach stimulates responsible economic growth and independence, while providing those in need with safe drinking water and other life-improving products.

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Two challenges constrain Africa�s emerging market: the drinking water crisis and the under/unemployment crisis. Jibu is helping to solve both challenges by equipping local entrepreneurs, half of whom are women, to create a network of water franchises to provide lasting drinking water access to poor communities in East Africa. Jibu equips these new entrepreneurs with a business-in-a-box franchise solution that enables them to launch strategically located storefronts that can draw water from any source, filter it in the store using solar-powered ultra-filtration equipment and seal it in re-usable bottles. Jibu drinking water is sold profitably to the bottom 90% of the population within walking distance of each storefront (about a 2km radius) at a price lower than the cost of charcoal required to boil water and at a fraction of the price of the cheapest commercially bottled water. Jibu franchisees are able to keep water affordable for consumers while still generating profit because the business model incurs minimal transport costs, sells wholesale, direct-to-consumer (avoiding reseller mark-ups), and, after an initial deposit for a re-usable bottle, charges consumers only for water/refills as opposed to disposable plastic waste. By channeling the entrepreneurial drive for indigenous wealth creation within the constraints of a franchise license, Jibu ensures that drinking water is always kept affordable, trustworthy, and convenient to a vast underserved market of about 700 million in Africa. The impact of the networked franchise approach is to create an attractive, trusted, and ubiquitous brand that generates a natural market pull. Offering the opportunity of owning a profitable franchise that meets a pressing need for water means that Jibu can easily recruit aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own franchises and in the process create 1000s of quality jobs, mostly for youth. Jibu's core innovation is the integration of franchisor and banking services for entrepreneurs in the developing world. The bundling of these two services provides the proven system, capitalization and accountability needed for social entrepreneurs to successfully reach East Africa's vast emerging market. By providing fair financing to make the business-in-a-box truly affordable, Jibu's network of entrepreneurs have launched rapidly-growing water franchises, currently at a rate of about two per month, serving the urban poor in Uganda and Rwanda.

Jibu Colorado Springs, CO
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