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Charity Entry by Cody Bierman

Introducing the worlds first virtual donation jar: Keepit. We are a POS Software that takes your spare change and sends it to a charity of your choice, digitally. Everybody wins with Keepit. You don't have to deal with a handful of coins. Your chosen charity gets a donation that sustains its work. And your local small businesses get to keep the cut that the big banks take from credit card swipes. There is around $10 Billion in loose change that sits idle in American Households. Imagine if all that "uncared" and "unwanted" loose change was being used to make a difference. With the help of our charity and local business partners Keepit intends on giving loose change a purpose.

Keepit "Change for Charity Program" Los Angeles, CA
20 Volunteers $500 120 Hours

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Los Angeles, California



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