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Little Medical School® brings medicine, science and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting and fun way. Children learn while having fun as they dress up like doctors, use medical instruments and understand how the body works. Our programs aim to inspire children to aspire for careers in healthcare.

We work with educators, healthcare leaders and community organizations to promote healthy lifestyles in children as they learn about jobs in the field. We create opportunities for current college and graduate students studying medicine, nursing and pharmacy to connect with their community and become better future health professionals through our innovative, role-playing program.

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Charity Entry by Mary Mason

The Little Medical School Foundation arm, Dr. Genie's Kids, a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Our mission is to provide opportunities to children from underserved areas to promote exposure and interest in healthcare careers with the goal of inspiring them to pursue healthcare careers; and to focus on healthcare work force development in underserved areas by enhancing elementary and middle school afterschool and summer camp programs with mini-medical school, mini-nursing school, mini-pharmacy and mini-veterinarian programming. In 2017, we developed a new campaign called Inspire a Child, which incorporates our new retail line of award-winning educational toys into an interactive program targeting kids ages 4-10 years from across the country.

Using our Pediatrician, Veterinarian, and Sports Medicine Educational Kits as a basis for the program, we developed new lessons which allows each child to use the kit throughout the day program and then take the kit home to use over and over again. We ran programs for over 250 kids in multiple venues in 2017 including community centers, community colleges, and schools in underserved areas. Funding sources included proceeds from our for-profit franchise business as well as the St. Louis Cardinals Foundation, Cardinals Cares. Additionally, we donated over 500 Brain Hatter Bike Helmets to the Toy Association for underserved kids along with access to our Wonderful Brain Programming as well as 100 pediatric, veterinarian and sports medicine kits to various charities and schools to inspire children to experience the power of role-play and see themselves as future healthcare professionals. In total, we have reached over 850 kids this year with our Inspire A Child program.

All donated kits feature real medical equipment, lab coats and a plush patient to care for. We spent significant time and resources to developing up to 6 hours of programming around each kit. We felt this was especially important for underserved populations so they have something to take home from our programming.

Students, educators and parents are reacted very positively to our programming. Students were very excited to receive our kits and many expressed interest in coming back for additional programs. Educators and parents loved the hands on aspect of the program and the ability for the students to repeat the activities at home for months to come!

Inspire a Child St. Louis, MO
6 Volunteers $40000 100 Hours
Charity Entry by Mary Mason
Dr. Genie's Kids St. Louis, MO
25 Volunteers $22000 450 Hours
Charity Entry by MARY MASON 06/16/2015

A collaboration between Little Medical School, the Signature Healthcare Foundation and the American Medical Association Healthy Living Grant Program, allowed us to develop a program that introduced children to the world of pharmacy and careers such as pharmacist and pharmacy technicians. 100 children in Ferguson, MO were able to participate in this program free of charge which included children receiving their own mortal and pestle, white coat, diploma as a graduate of the Little Pharmacy School. During the class they learned how to compound a medication, make ointment, roles of a pharmacist such as dispensing prescription medication, and working as part of a healthcare team with a physician.

Neighborhood Homes Ferguson, MO
6 Volunteers

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