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MaidPro prides itself on its proven groundbreaking technology and software, creative marketing efforts, established brand identity, and stellar support to its franchisees. The company is constantly trying to reinvent new practices and refine old ones to ensure its place in the rapidly growing industry. MaidPro offers you the advantages of rapid growth, low start-up costs, manageable hours, and recurring revenue. Join a franchise that gives you control and ownership of your business with unmatched 24/7 support!

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Charity Entry by Madeleine Park

MaidPro Cares has completed 4 mission trips to LCH. We have created strong bonds with the children and staff. We have built a new dorm for the children along with cleaning up their landscape, refurbishing their current dorms and sports equipment, and are reliable for ensuring they have enough funds to maintain operations. We also partner with their local pharmacy/grocery store to provide fresh foods and medications for the children (who have HIV and Cerebral Palsy). The children view us as family and we love that we can be a consistent source of positive support for them. We send quarterly wishlists to them to ensure they have what they need for their day-to-day operations.Shama Center (Peru) - MaidPro Cares has completed 1 mission trip to Peru. All of our volunteers were able to be matched with a child to provide specific donations for that child's need. Despite the language barrier between the children and our staff, they bonded with us immediately and found great comfort in the care we were able to provide. We send quarterly wishlists to them to ensure they have what they need for their day-to-day operations.Rainbow Children's Home

MaidPro Cares Boston, MA
10 Volunteers $35000 900 Hours

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77 North Washington Street

Boston, Massachusetts



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