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MODE is a vibrant, fast re-acting, retail store with a unique concept and proven retail operation. We are an exclusive franchise that allows access to purchase designer clothing at deep discounts.

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Charity Entry by Courtney Barstad Logan

MODE It Forward is a program offered at MODE where we give each of our franchise locations the opportunity to give away two free pair of jeans to deserving women each month. Each store can select deserving women in their communities and the stores are fully reimbursed for the jeans that are given away. The goal is to reach as many women in our communities to pay it forward as we know a great fitting pair of jeans can make a woman feel like a million bucks! We follow our mission to help women shop differently and we love being able to give back to the communities that have embraced out stores.

MODE It Forward Fargo, ND
30 Volunteers $1900
Charity Entry by Mindi Larson

When we first started this program, we were looking for something that could be sustainable, sued across all locations and would make sense with our concept. One evening, Mindi was out bowling with a group of friends. As she looked across the alley she saw a women wearing a torn up, worn out pair of jeans. Mindi called Ciara Stockeland, the Founder of MODE, and asked if she could walk up to the lady and offer her a FREE pair of jeans, no string attached. MODE It Forward was born! At MODE we believe in "helping women shop differently". Sometimes there are women who cannot afford to shop for themselves, or who have fallen on hard times, or who have dedicated their entire budgets to their children or to others in need. We want those women to have the chance at something new as well! Sometimes just a simple gift (like a FREE pair of designer jeans) can brighten someone's day and can make a community stronger, one women at a time. Giving away jeans in the communities of each of our stores, embodies what MODE is all about. We care. What is more exciting is that it costs our franchisees nothing. MODE HQ (as the franchisor) reimburses our franchisees for the COGS on each jean 100%.

MODE It Forward Fargo, ND
45 Hours

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