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MSA Worldwide is the leading franchise advisory firm for emerging and established franchisors in the United States and internationally. Our clients rely on us to identify opportunities and to create and implement effective solutions.

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Charity Entry by Michael Seid

IFA's Social Sector Task Force, Created and Chairs, CFWShops (Kenya), Board of Directors, One Family Health (Rwanda), MSA's Social Franchising Practice with projects related to birthing centers (Ghana), malaria clinics under development by Population Services International (PSI - Angola), fresh water in Tanzania, etc.

IFA Social Sector Franchising West Hartford, CT
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Charity Entry by Kay Ainsley

Beginning in the 1990�s with the launch of initiatives and structured programs in New York City, now commonly used throughout franchising, Michael worked to bring commercial franchise opportunities into the inner cities of the United States. Through his work with various foundations commercial franchises were established that have benefited local communities with branded products and services and through the creation of local jobs and business ownership. In 2005, Michael Seid took a leadership position on the board and executive committee of the HealthStore Foundation. Its social franchise networks in Kenya and Rwanda (CFWShops and One Family Health) have established over 150 locally owned and operated medical clinics in East Africa serving millions of the poor at the Base of the Pyramid. It is estimated that over 50% of prescription drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa and counterfeit and have little or no medical value. CFWshops and One Family Health provide authentic drugs and high quality medical services provided in a way that ensures the dignity of its patients. CFW and OFH are frequently sited in the global health community and Michael serves as the Chief Concept Officer for both CFW and OFH. In 2008 Michael established and currently chairs the IFA's Social Sector Franchising Task Force whose purpose is to begin to understand how commercial franchising technology can be applied to solve humanitarian problems on a global basis. Together with a committed and talented team of IFA members, the task force provides mentoring services to social franchisors and other NGOs. Task Force members regularly speak at conferences focused on humanitarian issues and have taken leadership positions and are consulting with NGOs and other similar organization and donors. The task force recently approved a pivot on its global initiatives and has begun to focus on assisting government agencies and communities in the United States to improve the delivery of social services in the inner cities. Childbirth remains the leading cause of death for women and children globally. Among his other social endeavors, Michael is currently working on the development of a network of birthing center in Ghana. The shortage of qualified doctors and other healthcare providers throughout the BoP has heighten the problem of healthcare delivery. The efficient use of human and financial resources found in commercial franchising will enable the birthing centers to provide a consistent and high quality of medical care to woman beginning at the age of twelve and extending through menopause and senior care, an extension of its original purpose. MSA has expanded its advocacy by recruiting senior staff to provide advisory services for NGOs, social franchisors and donors. In addition to speaking at global conferences, Michael and members of MSA are on the steering committee of a major social franchising conference scheduled in New England later this year. The conference is designed to bring together the traditional NGO and donor community with commercial franchise experts to explore how to meld commercial franchising technology in social franchising.

IFA Social Sector Franchising West Hartford, CT

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