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With our commitment to quality and taste, it’s no surprise that Tropical Smoothie Café has become one of the fastest-growing franchises in the quick casual restaurant segment. Our business model is unique as we offer both real fruit smoothies and a variety of fresh, flavorful food. Our initial store development costs are lower as we do not utilize deep fryers, grills, or hooding systems – which is great for healthy offerings too! Our balanced business model allows us to drive higher gross sales and service all day parts. “Eat Better – Feel Better”.

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Charity Entry by Debbie Holt
Best Buddies Capital Region Atlanta, GA
55 Volunteers $34000
Charity Entry by Scott Temme

For the past three years, Scott Temme and his team at Tropical Smoothie Cafe have been making a difference in the lives of children throughout the Atlanta area. They participate in various events at St. Pius High School that aim to provide the school with an increase in funding for both extracurricular activities and overall necessities.

Scott's Tropical Smoothie Cafe location is a title sponsor of the sports program at St. Pius High School, specifically influencing the soccer and football programs. Twice a year, Tropical Smoothie Cafe caters a dinner for each respective team. Scott and his team provide all the necessary food and drink for a dinner of roughly 700, at no cost. The sports programs charge $15 dollars a ticket and all the proceeds go towards funding that respective sport's program.

Scott also helps out with St. Pius High School's Coca Cola Day. Twice a year, Coke drops 4 semis worth of product into the school's parking lot, which the kids have to sell. To help make the process easier, Scott takes his smoothie van and fills it up with Coke products to distribute to the individual selling groups. In addition to helping ease operations, Scott personally purchases $400 worth of product during the summer and fall events with 20% of proceeds going back to the school.

St. Pius High School Atlanta, GA
20 Volunteers $10000 48 Hours
Charity Entry by Courtney Whelan
Covenant House Georgia Atlanta, GA
40 Volunteers $3174 2 Hours
Charity Entry by Courtney Whelen
Camp Sunshine Atlanta, GA
62 Volunteers $4500000 3000 Hours
Charity Entry by Mike Rotondo
National Flip Flop Day (to support Camp Sunshine) Atlanta, GA
10060 Volunteers $3700000
Charity Entry by Leah Kosmoski

Each year in June Tropical Smoothie Cafe hosts a national event at all of our locations called National Flip Flop Day. On this day customers can visit a cafe and receive a FREE smoothie just for wearing flip-flops. We use this event to drive donations, support and awareness to Camp Sunshine in Maine. In addition to the donations collected on National Flip Flop Day, we also raise money for Camp Sunshine during all of May and June which allows us to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars! All of the money Tropical Smoothie raises during the National Flip Flop Day promotional period goes directly to help send children with life threatening illness and their families to Camp Sunshine, all free of charge.

National Flip Flop Day (to support Camp Sunshine) Atlanta, GA
100 Volunteers $2600000 100 Hours

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1117 Perimeter Center West, Suite W200

Atlanta, GA


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