Color Them Empowered: Artful Good Deeds Paint a Portrait of Abrakadoodle Franchise Owner Joy Davis

Abrakadoodle has a global commitment to inspire children through the visual arts by helping them to discover world cultures, artists, art forms and styles, as well as teaching them art history, vocabulary and techniques; cultivating creativity and learning tolerance and an appreciation for self-expression. Joy took this message to Africa in September 2015 when she provided materials and facilitated an art lesson for 90 Malawian children. “Many of these children had never seen or worked with paint before,” said Ms. Davis and added, “and I loved to see their creative expression in an art experience that I hope will continue to inspire them in the years to come.” All of the Malawian children were orphans and had a blast learning about Wassily Kandinsky. Joy said, “The colors they choose can represent their emotions and whether they feel happy or sad, children learn that art is a great outlet to express their feelings. It was awesome,” Joy exclaimed and added, “One young man expressed how the art project really touched him, and he was so happy he got the opportunity to participate.”

Joy Davis of Fayetteville, Arkansas acquired her Abrakadoodle of Northwest Arkansas art education franchise in March 2013 and has been recognized for her service excellence since joining the company that by its very nature enables its education leaders to do well while doing good in their respective communities. Ms. Davis enjoys reaching out within her community – not only in the operation of her business but in service to others. In 2016 Joy presented to young women at the Boys and Girls Club of Bentonville regarding self-esteem, communication and dating smart. She also provided art for 100 Girl Scouts during a large local event, which is an annual activity she has supported since 2013. Joy performed face-painting for donations at the 2016 Spring Fest to benefit Habitat for Humanity, an event she also supported in 2014. Joy led an art activity for children who have suffered abuse, empowering them to express themselves by creating art, which was used in an annual auction to benefit the EOA Children’s House. Children love to explore color, and Joy continues to find ways to empower children where she identifies needs in her community.

During 2015 Joy provided art and helped to raise awareness for the need for quality afterschool programs at the Boys and Girls Club of Fayetteville Lights on Afterschool program. For two consecutive years (2014-2015), Joy supplied art materials for families as part of Operation Christmas Child. She has since 2013 provided afterschool art for the Yvonne Richardson Center. Joy provided art in 2014 for children and their families to celebrate the end of the school year at the Rogers Community Center. Also in 2014, Joy led art lessons for children that was used in a church art auction and art show, raising $5,000 for the St. James Baptist Church. From 2013-2014, Joy provided art for children with autism as the Grace School. Between 2013 and 2015, Joy provided art based upon the participants’ country of origin as part of the annual Hispanic Heritage Festival. Joy partnered with a local art gallery to provide an art activity to raise awareness about the environment during a Block Party Festival in 2014. Joy Davis epitomizes a franchise owner who is making a difference in the lives of children by empowering them via the colorful world of art.

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