Mobilizing The Workforce

When 1HUDDLE relocated its company headquarters to Newark, New Jersey, they knew it was important to be active within the local community and find a way to help tackle challenges faced by local residents. So in 2017, they teamed up with the City of Newark and Newark Works, which is overseen by the Newark Workforce Development Board and provides employment and training programs for the city’s residents. The program’s ultimate goal is to help place residents in sustainable employment that pays a livable wage and help them become productive members of the community by providing vocational, educational and life skills training. 1HUDDLE donated their technology to the City of Newark and led the effort to take the existing workforce training program and convert it into quick-burst mobile games through the 1HUDDLE gaming platform. Since introducing residents to 1HUDDLE, the city has reported that individuals who used the platform to prepare for the state-mandated workforce skills test are 50 percent more likely to pass it than those who don’t. To date, more than 1,000 residents throughout the community have utilized 1HUDDLE’s donated technology as a resource to better their chances of not just gaining employment, but in being ready to work.

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