Mosquito Squad® Fights Malaria By Saving The Lives Of 237,000 Children By Year End

When Outdoor Living Brands® acquired the mosquito elimination franchise Mosquito Squad, it began looking for an opportunity to align the business with an important cause that both fit with the brand and elevated the purpose of the business to an even higher level. So when Mosquito Squad co-founder, Scott Zide and brand strategist, Larry Spada, met with Malaria No More®, Mosquito Squad saw a great fit. For as Mosquito Squad fights the bite every day as a matter of convenience here in the United States, mosquito bites that spread dangerous and deadly diseases such as malaria are literally matters of life and death in other parts of the world.

Unfortunately, 600,000 children die every year, including one every minute, from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Outdoor Living Brands’ Chairman & CEO, Chris Grandpre, decided that Mosquito Squad should align itself with Malaria No More to reduce (and someday eliminate) these needless and preventable deaths, while helping to develop goodwill and Mosquito Squad brand recognition in the individual franchise market areas.

Since 2012, through the generosity and dedication of Outdoor Living Brands and Mosquito Squad franchisees all across North America, $237,000 will have been raised by the end of year 2015. Every dollar raised funds both the delivery of a diagnostic kit and the medicine to treat malaria if the test is positive. And that translates to 237,000 lives saved!

Part of Mosquito Squad’s Dread Challenge — named after Mosquito Squad mascot Dread Skeeter™ — Grandpre challenged every member of the Mosquito Squad team to save even more lives with a goal of $250,000 raised by year 2017 through their fundraising efforts with Mosquito Squad clients and franchise team members.

Mosquito Squad is please to report that for calendar year 2016, another $100,000 has been pledged, blowing past the original goal in great measure, with a projected Dread’s Challenge total contribution of $337,000.

To support the Challenge and our efforts, all are invited to join by donating online at

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