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At The Pizza Press we believe in being an active part of the community. One of the ways we do that is by helping out our local non-profit organizations. Whether it’s a local sports team, fraternity, sorority or other qualifying non-profit, The Pizza Press is there to help!

The relationships we have established with Chapman University’s faculty, staff and students have resulted in over ten thousand dollars raised in donated funds. The Chapman B+ Foundation, which supports kids helping kids fight cancer, and Charity: Water, an organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, are just a couple of the associations we have had the pleasure of partnering with. We’ve also raised funds with numerous groups and organizations within the community; local churches, community centers, public libraries, and more have all joined in the fundraising fun!

We receive an unbelievable amount of support and enthusiasm from our surrounding communities and appreciate the unique relationships we have fostered with local college campuses. Students love that they can expect fun, friendly and fast service at The Pizza Press! For students in search of a prime location for group sessions and/or solitary study time, The Pizza Press provides a welcoming atmosphere for all, which includes free Wi-Fi (at all of our current locations near a college campus) as well as outlets to plug in your laptops and other devices. Whether they’re looking to enjoy a cold brew coffee while browsing Bio notes or a personal pizza during a peruse of Political Science practices, The Pizza Press prides itself on providing our local students with a safe and fun atmosphere for obtaining knowledge. Dining areas at The Pizza Press are organized to provide an intimate setting for either larger groups or for those who may be dining and studying alone. Not to mention that our pizzas are the perfect study snack to share, plus we are open late nights!

We encourage all patrons alike to pull up a chair with friends and family and to enjoy our all-American classics!

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